Christian churches in Shropshire vary widely, yet all have a common mission: to worship God, proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, and strive for the common good.

As a result, they frequently have to collaborate as well as coordinate their own efforts.

As soon as they accomplish this, they’re operating in concert as Churches Together.

Being a part of Churches Together, on the other hand, entails much more.

In other words, it implies that each church and denomination must make a firm commitment to strengthening its ties with the others while maintaining the unique characteristics that make each group unique.

Churches in Shrewsbury have formed a network called Churches Together, which organises regular meetings of church representatives and connects the congregations in the area.

By actively seeking the unity for which Christ prays, we mean that we want to

Each quarter, we gather in a different church or denomination in town, sharing fellowship, listening to speakers on important themes, and planning Christian activities that we can all participate in together.

Members participate in a wide range of Christian activities and projects in and around town. 

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