For it’s not we who name God by these names. We don’t invent them. Quite the opposite, if it trusted us, we might be silent about Him, attempt to neglect Him, and disown all His names. We take no delight within the data of His methods. We have a tendency regularly to oppose His names: His independence, sovereignty, righteousness, and love, and resist Him in all His perfections. However it’s God himself who reveals all His perfections and places His names on our lips. It’s He who provides Himself these names and who, regardless of our opposition, maintains them. It’s of little use to us to disclaim His righteousness: every single day He demonstrates this high quality in historical past. And so it’s with all His attributes. He brings them out regardless of us. The ultimate aim of all His methods is that His title will shine out in all His works and be written on everybody‚Äôs brow (Rev. 22:4). For that cause we’ve got no alternative however to call Him with the numerous names His revelation furnishes us.

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