What a trellis is to a vine, a rule of life is to abiding. It’s a construction—on this case, a schedule and a set of practices—to arrange abiding because the central pursuit of your life. It’s a technique to manage your entire life across the follow of the presence of God, to work and relaxation and play and eat and drink and hang around with your pals and run errands and compensate for the information, all out of a spot of deep, loving enjoyment of the Father’s firm. If a vine doesn’t have a trellis, it is going to die. And in case your life with Jesus doesn’t have some form of construction to facilitate well being and progress, it is going to wither away. Following Jesus has to make it onto your schedule and into your practices or it is going to merely by no means occur. Apprenticeship to Jesus will stay an concept, not a actuality in your life.

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