Sins similar to satisfaction, self-importance, self-centeredness, levity, worldliness, gluttony, the telling of “white” lies, borderline dishonesty, lack of compassion for the unlucky, complacency, absorption within the affairs of this life, love of delight, the holding of grudges, stinginess, gossiping… are so frequent that they’ve been accepted as regular by the typical church and are both not talked about in any respect or referred to in smiling half-humor by the clergy. Whereas not as spectacular as a roaring weekend drunk or as dramatic as a violent explosion of mood, they’re in the long term extra lethal than both, for they’re seldom acknowledged as sin and are virtually by no means repented of. They continue to be 12 months after 12 months to grieve the Spirit and sap the lifetime of the church, whereas everybody continues to talk the phrases of the true religion and undergo the motions of perfunctory godliness, not realizing that there’s something incorrect.

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